Review for Witchcraft Works

Review for Witchcraft Works

20610059I watched the anime and loved it and I was sooo excited when I heard the manga was licensed by Vertical!

Now I finally have read this and I must say, points to Vertical. Many publishers for manga have one problem: Often you can’t read the text bubbles or see the images because the pages are bound in too close to the back(spine) of the manga and you have to bend the whole manga at times to just see what they are saying. Vertical however, has a bit awkward format (a bit bigger), but this is ok, because they made big margins and you don’t need to bend the book at all, you can just carefully open it (and not break the spine) and you can read everything clearly without problems. Yeah for Vertical! I am really looking forward to more manga by you.

Now for the manga. It was pretty much the same as the anime (so I have to say, yeah!, for the anime following the manga pretty well), so it was a bit boring. However it has been a few months since I saw Witchcraft Works so I am delighted to see everyone again. The Tower Witches, the Workshop Witches, our main character and various others. It was hilarious to see how Kagari and Takamiya met each other, how Takamiya is totally oblivious to everything that happens around him (especially the part where he was thinking about how coincidental it all was that Kagari was always close by and he didn’t get it).

The illustrations are gorgeous, we have some 2 page illustrations and wow, feast for the eye!

The manga is packed with action, lots of magic and also a big pinch of comedy.

All in all I can’t wait to read the next volume (coming in December). I would really recommend this manga to all. Are you looking for something fun? Something action-packed? Looking for a manga about witches and war? Then this one is your new manga!


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