Review for Zombie Halloween

Review for Zombie Halloween

18938108Zombies + Halloween + Scary Houses = yes yes please.

Sadly this one turned out to be utter crap. I really enjoyed the first part and I would have given that part 4 stars, however that one is cut of quite suddenly with a dramatic scene. What happens to the people there? What happens to the girl? We have no clue until the end of the book. *rolls eyes*

Then we have the second part that is about another kid, living in that house. And boy is that kid annoying. Typical teenager stuff, acting tough, acting like he is soooooo awesome. While in reality he is believing and he is scared out of his mind. I really dislike characters like that.
The rest of the cast is also pretty bleh, the only one I was interested in was Grandpa Mo. I wanted to know more about him, and I had some suspicions that were later confirmed.

However, the story in the second part just dragged on and on and on.

Then we have the ending. God, it was perfect if that hadn’t happened. Come on, that is just a lame-ass ending and I hated it soooo much. Yeah we survived x and there comes y. Wait what?

So yeah, I wouldn’t recommend this one. It is sad, I was really looking forward to this one. New Goosebumps? New scary stories? Yes, yes please! Too bad this one was not meant to be.


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