Review for Flirty Dancing

Review for Flirty Dancing

20618013I am so happy I bought this book, because it was absolutely worth it.

Our main character Beatrice, or Bea or Bean was a wonderful girl. A girl with insecurities, but also with a feisty spirit that just needed to be drawn out. She is sweet and wonderful and I really liked her from page 1.
She was really brave, even when Pearl (her ex-best friend) was bullying her, she stayed strong, even though she just wanted to cry a lot.
I loved that she found a love in dancing, or more specific in jiving.
I laughed quite a few times about her actions, or her descriptions of her hair (I can just imagine that hair, all poofy and big and not doing anything the owner says).

Then we got various other characters, for instance Emma. The 3-year old sister of Bea. And 3-year old she is. Demanding hugs, kisses, being totally covered in some kind of food, being enthusiastic about everything her sister does. I really liked that they added a sister, though it was a bit awkward to read that she walked around naked, hugged her sister while being naked and so on. Maybe me, but I just don’t really like descriptions like that. I don’t feel like that is needed and I feel like I am reading something that I shouldn’t.
But all in all I really liked Bea’s and Emma’s relationship, I do hope they will stay like this forever. Forever good sisters without fighting and such.

Other characters involve swoon-worthy Ollie, who was really cute and I loved how he treated Bea. Loved how he tried to help her out, tried to make her more comfortable. You can clearly see a big spark between these 2 characters and that made the book even more fun. Would they get together, or would it all be a dream?
Then we have Nan, Betty and several other minor characters who all make the book wonderful and hilarious.

The only characters I didn’t like were Kat and Pearl. Kat for the fact that she choose Pearl over Bea. Even started ignoring her or not talking to her out of fear for Pearl. I really hate it when best friends do this, sorry, I should say, when friends do this, because best friends don’t screw the other like this.
Pearl was just an annoying bitch and I truly hated her attitude. Claiming a guy, making very rude remarks, bullying, stealing money and a lot more. It amazes me that no one ever went to a teacher and told on her.

The story has various other elements/settings. We got the whole dancing competition, but we also got bullying, grandma getting sick, missing dads, friendships and boyfriends, dancing shows. And while some of these were big topics, they were done in a light-hearted mood and you knew everything would turn out ok in the end.

I loved the whole dancing setting (a big reason (other than the cover) why I wanted to read this book). It was fun to read about the tv-show, about the dance lessons, about the bands and groups that were participating.

I really had lots of fun reading this book, I had some moments that I was just laughing out loud, even parts that I shared with my boyfriend. The ending was wonderful and luckily it wasn’t that cliché.

All in all, I would really recommend this book to everyone. Searching for a light-hearted book? Looking for some comedy? Some romance? Then try this book!


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