Review for Goth Girl and the Fete Worse than Death

Review for Goth Girl and the Fete Worse than Death

23249125A fantastic second book in this series.

I was surprised (and also very happy) to see a second book in this series. I loved the first book and I was just hoping very hard that there would be a second (and third and so on) book.

This one is about the big Sir Goth Fete. This a yearly party and apparently normally very boring, but this year it is all different, but why?

Ada was one cute kid, though I felt sorry for her. Her dad is often away on book tours, her mom died years and years ago, even though there are people who care for her, she is at times alone and lonely. Luckily she also has enough people who care for her, though they seem to be awfully busy in this book. I already had my suspicions why on most of the other characters and I was right. It was really sweet of the characters to do this.

Of course a party isn’t the only thing happening in this book. We got umbrella fencing (awesome!), discovering a big house, making new plants, oh and did I mention vampires? Yes, we also got vampires, no no, not the sparkly kind, no, it is the evil want-to-suck-humans kind.

There are again quite a lot of puns in this book. Even the title can be a pun if you just leave one letter and add another. 🙂

The illustrations are once again, awesome! Lots of details, lots of beautiful illustrations.

Oh and a big, very big, plus to the little booklet in the back of the book. About our lady maid Marylebone, which also reveals some more about Ada’s mom. It even brought a few tears to my eyes.

Well I am hoping that this won’t be the last of Ada, but that we will see many more books. Though I am also hoping for more Ottoline!


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