Review for Grimmtastic Girls Book 1 to 4

Review for Grimmtastic Girls Book 1 to 4

20894040So this review will be for Book 1 to 4,

which I see as one complete series. This due to the characters (all four of them had their chance to shine), the plots/subplots are pretty much done and ended. Sure, there is still the big bad evil, but the artefacts, the various things that happened in the books are all solved. And from what I can see book 5/6 feature different characters.

We have 4 different girls, Red, Snow, Cinda and Rapunzel. As you can guess these are Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel. Their stories are now mixed with modern stuff mixed with a boarding school setting and they are together instead of separate. I really loved this and this was also a big reason why I read it. I love fairy tales set in a different setting. For instance, plucking various fairy tale characters and putting them in modern high school just sounds perfect to me.

Of course each girl has her story, just spun a bit differently, but most details are still here. Cinderella has 2 evil stepsisters and an evil stepmom, add to that the ball and everything that happens there, only several other things are new. Like the fact she is a little girl living in a boarding school were they learn Jousting and masketball and other fun things, or the fact her slippers are her magic charm.

It is really much fun and the girls are really wonderful. Instead of not really connecting with them in the fairy tales, in this one you can connect with them. They have all the problems that most teenagers (and adults) will recognize. First crushes, parent problems, friendship.

There is one big plot that runs through the four books, the fact that the artefacts get stolen and that their world is in danger. That and the friendship between these girls run like a big red thread through the story and connect the 4 books together into one big book.

I really loved reading about the school, it seems like a wonderful place. I would love to Joust, or to play Masketball, or to make potions or go to a ball with the princes!

Add to that, that we don’t only have Fairy Tales, every magical story is found here and is protected. So there is a lot of potential for a lot of stories. However I do hope they will have a different big plot. The whole artefacts stolen/world is ending is done for me, so I do hope that when we get to the second series with Goldilocks and such that we will have a fun new plot.

There are various word puns. Which made me love the story even more. It made it more fun and I was just laughing at how silly they were at times. 🙂

All in all I would really recommend these 4 books to everyone. And me? I will be keeping an eye out for the rest of the books. Maybe I will even try the Goddesses series that is also by this author.


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