Review for Lindbergh

Review for Lindbergh

21817413Really recommended!

Wow, that was a trip, especially considering my German is a bit rusty/dusty and I had to look up words at times. Still I am amazed that, even though it has been long since I read long texts of German I can still read it relatively easily. Yay for me! <3
And sure I could have picked this book up in Dutch (it is also available in that language), but I just wanted to have it in the original language.

I love mice (had them as pets many many years ago) and I love books about travelling/journeys, so I just wanted this book really badly, especially since the illustrations were stunning.

I am so happy I picked up this book, the story is magnificent, we got a very great character. Not human, no, this time it is a little tiny mouse. A mouse that has a dream, to find his friends and family again. He tries valiantly to board a ship but is blocked by cats, then he spots his far away family, bats, and gets the dream of flying.
It was really wonderful to see this little mouse try so hard, to make a plane, make something that could fly and bring him far away from the country that is so empty of mice. A country full of stuff out of nightmares (traps and all that stuff).

I won’t spoil the ending, but I can tell you I was so happy for the little one. Finally!

The illustrations in this book are absolutely delightful, gorgeous, wonderful and I can think of a dozen or more words to describe them. There are several 2 page illustrations filled with details, filled with tiny things left to discover. At times you just had to look for the mouse because he was hidden or so tiny that you couldn’t easily spot him.

I loved the plans and the drawings of the planes, it is magnificent to see how far we have advanced in flying.

This book is absolutely a book I will recommend to everyone. Young and old will adore this book, will cheer for our little hero.


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