Review for Maybe Not

Review for Maybe Not

23590436When I saw this book would come out I knew I just had to read it.

I loved Maybe Someday, and I really liked Warren’s character from that book (though I hated Bridgette). How did it fare for both characters?

Let’s just say I still love Warren, but oh do I still hate Bridgette. Yeah, I know her life sucked ass, her life was horrendous, but come on, no need to treat everyone like shit and act like this. Especially when someone loves you and truly tries their best. At times I was just frustrated with her attitude, and at times I also wanted to smack Warren for just trying to keep going and all. I just didn’t see a future with these 2.

There is also quite a bit of sex which I skipped (because yes, I still find it highly awkward to read about people having sex. It feels like I am trespassing, seeing something I shouldn’t see. Especially when it is really graphic and every detail is highlighted and done in a big fashion). So yeah, some pages I just couldn’t stomach and I just skipped through it to the better parts.

We learn more about Warren (and find out why he was so addicted about porn during the events of Maybe Someday) and we learn about Bridgette. Sadly, even knowing what Bridgette went through, I didn’t like her, and I think I never will like her no matter what she does. She would need to change A LOT for me to start liking her.

It was also a short book, which is a bit of a shame, but I think it is best like this (yeah ain’t that confusing). I don’t think there is more to be said and more to be done.

I was really happy to see Sydney and Ridge again. To see them both from a different perspective. <3 <3

Now I just got one wish. More Ridge and more Sydney. 🙂


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