Review for Soppy

Review for Soppy

21535713I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

When I saw this on Netgalley I knew I had to get this one, the description sounds super adorable, and it sounded like something that I would like (since I also have a boyfriend).

The comic/graphic novel is about the life of Philippa Rice, how she met her boyfriend, how they started living together and how they grew together. It was immensely adorable and a lot of situations were familiar to me. Like the sleeping positions, I am sure that is how we end up as well. Or me curling up close to him while reading a book, and us playing a game together.
So I had lots of fun reading this little book. Yes, little, because it is only 108 pages, of which quite a few pages just contain one picture. And with that I was kind of disappointed. I expected more comics/more illustrations, and I was a bit disappointed. So here I am hoping that there will be a book 2, with more comics/illustrations.

I did like the colours though. You have 3 main colours: Black, White and Orange/Red. This might sound simplistic, but I think it fitted and brought out the story more. I also think it was pretty creative to only use 3 colours. Of course I love more colours, but you don’t often find a book in just a few colours, so I am always happily surprised when one does.

The characters were fun and I really enjoyed reading about their lives and their interests.

All in all, I am thinking of buying this book when it comes out in paperback.


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