Review for Sound of Sirens

Review for Sound of Sirens

23162817I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

So, today is the day that this wonderful book comes out. So now I can finally share my opinion on this book.

I have always been interested in mermaids, and not only the cute shiny, happy mermaids that twinkle and shine. No, no. I am also very much in love with the eviller, dragging you down the sea kind of mermaid. And this tale features those, however I have a feeling they might not be so bad as everyone thinks. Especially when we find out certain things, I am sure that while they are bad now, something happened that made them act like they do now. And I hope we will find out what that is in the coming books.

One thing I liked was the fact there were quite a few Dutch (yes, I know, actually more like Frisian, but I don’t count that province as a separate entity, it belongs to the Netherlands, thus Dutch). Though I also have to be honest that seeing those names threw me out of my reading a bit. Everything is English, so to suddenly see a Dutch name was both fun and also a bit confusing. Normally you don’t see them in books that are English.

Enna, ah Enna, I loved that girl. She had spunk, spice and awesomeness and she makes for one very lovely character. However, she doesn’t always make the right decisions. I won’t spoil anything, but lets just say I was kind of hoping that she would do a certain thing after certain events, and sadly she didn’t. Still I could have expected with how the whole romance thing was clearly one of the bigger parts.
Enna is a really smart girl and I loved how she just kept going, even when she was faced with shocking facts and revelations. Sure, she showed her emotions, but she didn’t do anything strange, if anything she wanted to know more, find out more.
I could tell more about Enna, but I think I got the main things said and done. 🙂

We also got a slew of other characters. Like her best friend Dani, a really great girl who is a wonderful friend to Enna. Sticking close to her, guarding secrets and even helping with uncovering the truth about the Currents and the Skylge.
Then we have Royce, ah, don’t mind if I swoon a bit. He was absolutely gorgeous, and sure, like Enna, makes a few bad decisions, decisions I can’t totally forgive him for. He should have been brave and showing guts, not cowering away. But other than that, ah, he was totally fun and nice and I can see why Enna is falling so hard for him.

In a way the romance between Enna and Royce is like Romeo and Juliet. Enna is a Skylger girl, Royce a Current, both shouldn’t get together, but they fall in love and try to find a way to beat the system and the people who are so against love or friendship between Currents and Skylgers.

We also have a great background story with the whole mermaids businesses, but also the Currents vs Skylgers. Why do the Currents have so much power? Why are they the only one with electricity? What makes them better/why do they think they are so much better? In this book we find out some things, but I still got quite a bunch of questions that I hope will be answered in the next book. All in all though I love this plot, it is really interesting and I am curious as to how it will all play out.

Two other things I want to address are the cover. I absolutely adore it and after reading this book I think it fits perfectly.
Then I also want to thank Jen Minkman for including Twarres. 🙂 I love some of their songs so I was really surprised to see them mentioned in a book, especially since they aren’t as popular as they were when they first came out with their first hit. I loved their role in the book and I was cheering them on!

The only thing I wasn’t all too happy with was the length of the book. It was just too short! I wanted to more!

All in all, I would really recommend this book to everyone looking for a bit of Dystopian (since I would call it that), mermaids, (impossible) romance.


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