Review for the Farewell Season

Review for the Farewell Season

23343729I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Wow, just wow. I am stunned by this book. Sure, it was not perfect, but it was pretty close to perfect! There were so many elements that I absolutely adored. Like the whole Scandinavian theme that was woven into the story, or the fact there is no instant love (just add water), or the fact that the characters seemed so real.

Eric, he took a bit to get used to. He is pretty grumpy, hides a lot of pain and he shows that outwards with anger, with making remarks and several other things. However, as soon as you find out why he is like that, you don’t mind the grumpiness that much, the only thing you want to do then is give this guy a hug and you would want to help him out.
You really see him grow, from a sad, mourning guy to one who finds life again, finds hope again, finds reasons to just keep on going. With the help of his friends, a counsellor, his mom and also a girl he is very much interested in. They try to lend him a hand, try to give him a nudge in the right direction, they are there for him. Eric truly has some great people in his life, and I was happy to see he started realising it.
His relationship with his sister is pretty rocky at start and at times I found him very mean and rude towards her and I wished he would be nicer. But yeah, I can somehow see why he is so mean, she keeps bringing up their dad. Eric isn’t ready for that and is grieving in another way, while his sister is trying to remember their dad, trying to bring it up. And I can imagine that hurts.
Add to that, the fact that his best friend and his sister are getting closer and closer. I can imagine that is raising some anger as well.

We also have a girl, well a girl. She doesn’t really care about what she wears, chops her hair off and has big glasses. I didn’t think Eric would fall for her, but he did. And thank Lord, like I said at the beginning, it wasn’t instant love! Friendship, happiness and then slowly you will start seeing things happening that don’t happen between friends.
Our girl also hasn’t had the easiest of lives. Her dad and mom are divorced and her dad is now married to some young woman. She has quite a bit of anger and sadness over that.
Luckily Eric is there to also help her, be there for her.

I really loved this book, the surroundings, the details, and also the sports. I am normally not a big fan of sports (be them in real life, anime, manga or books), but I didn’t mind it in this one. It took a big part, sure (and for reasons), but it wasn’t overwhelming.

All in all this book is wonderful. Great characters, great story, great details, and I would really recommend this book to everyone. I think that people who go through the same would also really appreciate this book.


6 thoughts on “Review for the Farewell Season

  1. this review is spot on for Ann’s latest book. She has such a gift for writing from the heart and turning a spotlight on issues that really need that light. Another winner Ann. Congratulations. Jude

    1. Thanks! I am glad there are more people who love the book. Let’s hope more people will read it and love it as much as we do.

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