Review for The Hit List

Review for The Hit List

18035342Let’s just say I expected better from this book.

The first pages and chapters were ok, but sadly after that I just didn’t enjoy it every time. This mostly was because of the characters, the silly plot and some other things.

Finding (good) books about dancing, about ballet, about a school specially for that is not easy, so I was happy and excited to see this one. Of course I was also worried for the fact that there was also a sub-plot. A plot about some kind of sex game. Normally I would avoid books that has this kind of stuff, but since it was also about dancing I figured I would give it a try. And in the end… well it wasn’t the sex game that was the problem.

The sex game thing was quite a big thing, but this was mostly in words and in stares and whispers, in watching fights and girls discuss stuff, there was no sex or anything really sexual happening. There were some tensions, and sure she had a problem with one guy, but that was actually all there was to it. Which, on one hand made me happy (yeah, no sex or at least nothing overly sexual), but on the other hand I felt like the game could have been shown to be more of a threat or more of a thing, especially considering our main girl’s position in said game.
Not that I agree with such a game, but it is an interesting addition to a dancing genre book.

I liked the school, however I felt it was a bit lacking. We don’t get a whole lot of world building. Most of the book is about our main character, her problems and her dancing partner. And I think this is a shame. I would have loved more information, more facts about the school. Now all I could see was a school which had dorms, a few studios and a cafeteria, a principal office and that is all. I do hope that they have more lessons then just doing some ballet exercises or dancing exercises. Things like normal lessons, or special lessons, however I didn’t see anything like this.

Then we have the main character. Dear Lord, whiny and annoying. That is what she was. At times she was awesome and at times I really was cheering for her, but at other times I was just shouting that she should get over her shit and start working on getting over stuff. Because seriously, yes your partner dumped you, yes he dropped you, yes he was a shitty guy in general, but come on, life goes on and you can’t just whine and whine and hyperventilate about it every time something comes up. You are a professional, or at least aiming to be one, act like one.
Her attitude in regards with Luke were frustrating, especially later, when she was running away, towards, away, towards and so on. It was just so annoying, typical princess attitude. It was pathetic and I really felt sorry for Luke. Who sure, wasn’t always a perfect guy, but he did his best to help her and what does he get in return? Nothing, just a whiny little girl. I can’t imagine why he would want her.

The whodunnit for the Sex Games thing? Could have seen it coming. Still a bit of a surprise, but thinking back there were some hints and such.

A good thing was the cover, I really liked it. Everything in grey scale and then bright pink letters for the title.

All in all though, I wouldn’t really recommend this book. Again, it was at times a pretty good book, but the total image just has too many things wrong. Which is a shame. It was a quick read though. 🙂


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