A fun reading challenge for 2015!

A fun reading challenge for 2015!

I was browsing Twitter and I saw a post about someone who made a 2015 Reading Challenge, with 50/52 different challenges which means 50/52 books. There is quite a diversity on it, and according to the post (I will link the source at the bottom), we don’t need to do every challenge, but that it was just meant as a fun incentive to diversify your reading. 🙂

And so I thought I would share this wonderful thing with you all. Be warned it is a bit big! I will probably participate, though I won’t do all of them. For instance my birthday year or my initials is something I don’t want to share, and there are a few others that I don’t know what the books would be (like a book my mom loves) or books that I don’t want to read (books I started but never finished, there is a reason why I never finished it!). But all in all, I am looking forward to seeing if I can fill out the remaining ones.

I will first post the picture first (trying to keep it readable) and then I will post the source and the link to the printable. 🙂 Hope everyone enjoys this one, I will probably keep you up-to-date on where I am with the list.



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