Review for Ready Player One

Review for Ready Player One

126001384.5 stars. Small font + it was at times a bit boring.

Wow, this was a wonderful trip with a whole lot of references and puns. At times it was just a big nostalgic trip. A lot of the references (well especially the games, Japanese stuff and music) I got. The movies not so, since I don’t watch that many movies. And a lot of movies mentioned just aren’t my kind of movies.

Wade is a wonderful character, though at times I found him a bit weak. At times I found him desperate. But eventually I started liking him more and more with each part of the book. He was brave, smart and he had balls. He said what he wanted to say and he had fun discussions with his friends.
I loved how he explains everything to us. Not just saying: “We have to play this and that map.” Instead he gave us explanations, sometimes a little history lesson on when and how things were started. It was all interesting and even though I knew quite a bit about stuff already I still didn’t mind and I had fun reading it. Because Wade explained everything in a fun way, with puns and jokes.

Ah, yes, the puns and the jokes. I loved those!

I also loved OASIS, it sounds like a wonderful place, especially when the whole world has gone to shit and you can barely do anything. It is an escape, you can go to school or work. You can go shopping, you can do quests, the possibilities are endless! I would love to spend at least a day there. Though I guess if I would find a library with all the books in the world I would just stay there. 🙂

The quest for the egg. Ah, I loved that. It reminded me of Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory. How one lucky person would win everything! And the quest itself was fun, however I didn’t like that it took them that long. Sure it was realistic (because if they would have finished it within days it would be boring), but that it took them 6 months or longer to find the next gate and key and such was just ridiculous. The people who participate are mostly the top of the top in knowledge about Halliday, yet it takes them this long?

The bad guys in the book are true bad guys. Not stopping for anything to get their hands on that egg! I love it when you have bad guys like this. They make everything so much more interesting. And you know that to get rid of them you will have to do something big! Kill them or at least make sure they can never be a bother again.

All in all, I would really recommend this book to everyone. Even if you don’t know all the references, even if you don’t get all the puns, a lot of things are explained so you don’t need to worry about it. I guarantee you will laugh your ass off. 🙂


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