Review for Alone Forever: The Singles Collection

Review for Alone Forever: The Singles Collection

18853251While ordering Tomboy I also saw that Liz Prince had other books.

I decided on this one (don’t worry, I also bought all the others now that I read this one and Tomboy). And yes, until Tomboy I never heard of Liz Prince. It seems like a lot of other people knew here from years ago, either from (it seems) the internet or for her other books.

This one was really funny, ok, not always. Some parts just made me roll my eyes or shake my head. I normally am not one that minds bad language, but I didn’t entirely expect in here so yeah it was a bit of a shock. However that shock was over quite quickly.

I have no clue if this is fiction/non-fiction. It is tagged as such, however I felt that some things were just a bit to bordering on not real. And if it is really all true, then I feel really sorry for her that she had to endure those times.

The humour is a bit self-deprecating, which depending on how it is done, can mean I love it or hate it. Luckily in this case I liked it though it made me cringe at times.

I loved her adventures in the trials of Ok Cupid and her trials with guys, she really has zero luck it seems. Though there were some cute guys, in the end they all turned out to be a bit weird or not really her type or some other reason.

I also laughed out loud during the cat parts. She is truly a forever-alone cat lady, doing some kind of silly dance and then booping her cat on his/her nose. 🙂

All in all I would really recommend this book to people, it is funny, however you will have to love self-deprecating humour and you also need to like the subject or have similar feelings towards dating. I know I did, some things that Liz did are things I did, or things that I felt (like the fact lots of her friends have someone they love).


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