Review for Assassination Classroom Vol.1

Review for Assassination Classroom Vol.1

21412045I already saw the OVA several months ago, and then I heard this will get an anime adaptation. So I had to check out the manga as well!

Normally I am not that into Shounen/Action, but this one pulled me in because of the premise. One big alien that is threatening to blow up the planet and 1 class full of kids who have to assassinate said alien. It sounded interesting and also hilarious.

I am really happy I bought and read this manga. It is hilarious. So far I love most of the characters. Yes, most, one I can’t stand. That is Karma. I don’t like him and how he acts. I know, I know Koro-sensei is brutal murderer and will kill their planet, but I thought the tricks that Karma is doing are just cheating and underhanded and mean. Assassination is one thing, bullying a target is another.

Koro-sensei (love the pun!) is an interesting character. He is a killer and we know he can just blow up planets whenever and however he wants, yet we also see another side from him. He is helping out his students, making sure they understand the material, helping them in their real life situations, and also helping them with various other things. So at one side we have a cold-hearted killer, but at the other we have a (semi-)friendly and helpful teacher who does everything for his students.
But don’t piss him off, he is seriously scary when people piss him off. Threatening with all kinds of things, and you can be sure that he will follow up to his threats should need be there.
It is too bad that we can’t see him change colours in the manga, so I am eager to see how it will look in the anime. Now at times things fall a bit short. They would be saying he looks green, or is striped in colours, and you would be like: Um? Sure?.

I loved the artstyle and also the humour. Not only do we have action, but we also have humour and hilarious situations. In a way it reminds me of Gintama. Action + Comedy + Drama.

I can’t wait to see how the class will do with their assassination and I kind of hope it will take a long time. It is so interesting to see what they come up with.

Oh and I hope they will keep up the awesome covers. Simplistic but oh so pretty. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Review for Assassination Classroom Vol.1

  1. Honestly I think Karma is just a tsundere badass XD btw I foudn your blog coz hw lol gg I need to stop procrastinating

    1. *snickers*I agree with you. Karma is just a big tsundere acting all tough. Good luck with your homework. 😀

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