Review for Bloody Brat Vol.2

Review for Bloody Brat Vol.2

20827778Finally I decided to buy this manga. I have been watching this one for some time but I found the price a bit too steep for so little pages.

Wow, I loved seeing our Blood Lad crew back. It took me a bit to get all the names right, but after that I went through the book like a breeze.

One thing I would recommend is that people don’t read these before Blood Lad. This due to that various scenarios and 4-komas are about situations that happened in the manga volumes of Blood Lad. You would just miss the joke. Even though most of these are parodies or just parody continuations, you will still miss something if you don’t know what the situation was based on. For instance we have the whole Fuyumi and Staz thing. For instance Fuyumi needs Staz’s blood, and in this one we have one particular 4-koma that delves deeper and makes fun of that. How she needs to be more aggressive and how in the end Staz just faints and she just sucks his blood. 🙂
Like this there are several others. So read the manga Blood Lad before reading this one!

The stories were hilarious, I really had so much fun reading them and seeing our crew back. Two of my favourites would be Wolf getting lost (again) and then finding out that the tactic one of his underlings taught him (look at where the sun is going down) doesn’t really work in the demon world. My second one would be where Fuyumi is trying to read Liz her expression (Liz is always wearing masks) and failing, while Staz immediately knows what his little sister is doing (wanting a drink or sleeping or just being really focussed).

All in all I really enjoyed this one and I would recommend it to the fans of the manga. I am just hoping that Yen Press will bring out some new Blood Lad soon!


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