Review for Cooper Bartholomew is Dead

Review for Cooper Bartholomew is Dead

22341147Not a long review, just a short one to express my feelings.

This one was an awesome book. Unlike many mystery books Rebecca James did something different, we start immediately at the point where Cooper dies. We immediately start in the now part. Which I absolutely loved, it made me want to know the culprit and the whys and hows even more than usual. Normally I would get bored halfway through most mysteries, however this one grabbed me and held me tightly and didn’t let me go until the very end, until the mystery was finally solved.

The book is written with multiple POVs. We got Libby, Sebastian, Claire and Cooper. We switch between the now (where Cooper is dead) and the then (where we slowly get closer to what happened). I really liked it, and I loved the characters. Ok, maybe not love, since both Claire and Sebastian are absolutely horrible characters, but we later find out why and how they got to this point and you can start to like them a bit better. Especially Claire.

There is a fair bit of romance, a little bit of sex (but nothing that graphic) and a whole lot of guilt and mystery. We also find out a lot about Cooper, about his life and about his friends. How he was slowly drifting away from them (I can imagine why).

There was a big plot twist, but I already saw it coming from a far distance. Why? Because Rebecca James put hints here and there and let you puzzle them together, and only at the end will she give the revelation and the answer to the puzzle. The hints weren’t that overly there, you had to pay attention. Some were more obvious than others that were hidden more.

All in all I was glued to this book from page 1 and I couldn’t unglue until way after I read this book.
I hope one day to find and buy this book, I haven’t been able to find a paperback at my usual place (sad :(). But I hope one day I can add it to my collection.

I would truly recommend this book if you are searching for a mystery. Rebecca James is your number 1 writer to go to. This is another amazing books, and just like the other books worth a 5+ stars. Read this and enjoy! And me? I will be waiting with anticipation for the next Rebecca James book!


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