Review for Delayed Replays

Review for Delayed Replays

2970420First up, yay! For the Domo-kun pillow on the cover!

Second: Yes, I am really in a Liz Prince mood. This will be the second review regarding her books, and I still got another 2 waiting for a review. This won’t be a long review, just a short one to tell everyone what I thought.

This book is all about Liz and her daily life. From boyfriends to friendship, from sadness to silliness. Sometimes the stories were a bit weird, and sometimes I was confused as to how she could have a boyfriend yet kiss with someone else.

But I had fun and I had quite a few laughs and snickers at the silly things happening, at the funny jokes being said.

However the art was a disappointment. Maybe I shouldn’t have started with Tomboy and The Singles Collection, as this one had pretty bad art. There were still a lot of helplines (no clue what the official term is, it has been a long time since I have done any art) and the characters just look weird at times. However, you can see a steady progress to something better in her art. This one goes from 2000-something to 2007/2008 and you can clearly see that it gets a little bit better with each comic.

Still I would really recommend this book, it is short, but you will laugh and snicker at some of the situations.


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