Review for Denki-Gai no Honya-san Vol.7 and 8

Review for Denki-Gai no Honya-san Vol.7 and 8

978-4040668581Review for volume 7 and 8.

Ah the craziness continues. I am glad the manga continues, especially now the anime is finished (really would recommend the anime, it follows (randomly) the manga).

These 2 volumes are chock-full of silliness, slice of life and some romantic(ish) things happening.

We got 2 contests, one for the end of the year, with all kinds of end of the year stuff and we have a kiddie contest. This last one had me confused for a moment. I was thinking it would be a little kid’s contest, with little kiddies competing, but instead it was about people having to act and look like kids. Which of course led to hilarious situations as people one by one dropped/got disqualified.

We also have first dates, awkward situations, of course porn books, some girl-power scenes (first Sensei and then the girls watching Tsumorin). Not everything is silly or hilarious. We have some serious stuff going on as well. Hiotan who is trying to figure out her future and feels like she is the only one without dreams or plans and then we have Umio who wants to try to become a mangaka.

We also meet a new character, Umio’s sister! And we find out she is just as bad (if not worse) as her brother. And she is in middle school which is a bit awkward considering her interests. 🙂

All the characters get a spotlight in these volumes and we learn more and more about them. About their dreams, their crushes and their lives. I am happy that everyone is there and that we get to know them more.

Oh my favourite part would be the part where Hiotan had to say a porn book’s title and utterly failed (loved the looks of all the guys there when she said it). Now that title is one that I would never be able to say as well. I am not sure if I can post that here, so I won’t, you will have to find that title and also another few titles by yourself.
I loved the training they got and the exams they had to do, it was just hilarious to see them run while shouting boobies.

The art is still great and I have a feeling it gets better with each volume.

I am really excited for the next volume. Guess it will be out soon if it follows the release schedule, and then it is waiting for translation (which will probably take anywhere between fast and several months.


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