Review for Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Review for Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

185945774.5 stars.

Wow this was a super fun book. I loved that it took place in a library, though it felt more like a media centre than a real library. For instance, the games, the reality stuff, I just didn’t think it fitted.
But other than that? I wanted to be in that library and get lost there for days and days. It seems like such a fun place, filled with books, filled with stories. I really loved the fact they had holographic librarians from all kinds of times. Or even fairy tale or famous people to help people in the library.

The characters were all fun and nice, well all… with exception of Charles, or mister Bratty I-know-it-all-and-you-all-suck. I really disliked him and his attitude and how he did everything to win, no matter how dirty or mean. Even if it meant treating people like poo.
Kyle was a really great character though. At first I thought he was just your typical boy, with nothing more on his mind than games, games and comics. But in this book we can see him change. At first he doesn’t like the books that much, but sooner or later you see him longing for a book, wanting to know more about the book. And it all happened pretty believable, it wasn’t an instant switch from dislike and disdain to like and thinking it is pretty cool.
Add to that that Kyle was pretty smart, even though you get the impression he is not. I liked how he treated his team, and how he tried to add more people or to help people even when they don’t belong to his team. It shows character.

My favourite character out of all characters? Sierra. Getting lost in books, shy and an overall awesome girl who knows a lot about her books.

Of course, the who will win this contest thing was obvious, but I blame that mostly to the fact this is a kids book, and what I noticed is that often kids books have a predictable plot or ending. Which isn’t that bad, but still is a bit of a shame. Still I had fun cheering for our protagonists and their battles, their puzzles.

Oh and on that matter. I loved the puzzles, I had lots of fun trying to puzzle and try to figure out the mystery by myself.
I also loved the various references to other books, to other series. Some I didn’t get (because I hadn’t read the book), but quite a few I got and they had me laughing and cheering. You don’t often see books getting referenced in another book.

All in all I loved this book, it was really interesting and it also reminded me a bit of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This time a contest and a tour through a library. 🙂 I would really recommend this one to everyone.


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