Review for Haruka 17 Vol.1

Review for Haruka 17 Vol.1

coverImage_1573613.5 stars.

I am not sure if it is because I am in a reading slump or not, but the story didn’t pull me in that much. Normally I love these kinds of manga. Modelling, idols, getting somewhere in life. I guess it was also partially to blame on Haruka. She got this wonderful opportunity to do something, to finally be someone, and yet she keeps on droning on and on about being a manager, being something more important than a model.
And her constant whining when she has to do a shoot, or wear something is just getting on my nerves. Just grow some balls girl and get to it. You are pretty, you got talent, make something out of it. Not everyone gets a chance like you, and all you do is cry. And sure you have no boobs (who cares), you wear glasses (who cares, just wear contacts if they really bother you), but that is not all that matters.

I will try this series again later when I am out of my slump, because the story still interests me slightly. I am also curious as to how Haruka will go on with this and if she will get a big hit in the future.

The art is so-so. At times it was really pretty, but at other times I was just wondering how this ever got to be such a big manga hit. Especially Haruka. I can imagine it was done on purpose. To make sure the Haruka with glasses and formal clothes looks horrendous and boring, while Haruka with pretty clothes and no glasses looks pretty.


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