Review for Het Boekenliefje

Review for Het Boekenliefje

CV_9789044820270.inddRead in Dutch, but will write review in English, because everyone should read this book and the book’s language is originally English. So everyone can read it. 🙂

This book was adorable. I loved our main character who is a bunny and who loves reading a lot. Well, she is not alone though, everyone in the town (if that is what you want to call it) loves reading. Then one day books get stolen, poof! I loved how it was done and how we saw the effects. Children crying (they wanted their bedtime stories!), parents who also love reading were angry and a lot more.

Of course the thief has a big reason why he stole the books, and I really liked that reason and I felt sorry for the little guy. Stealing is bad, but I can imagine why he did what he did. Everyone likes being read to. And it is terribly sad if one creature just wants love but no one gives him that.

This book is perfect for kids, but also parents or adults who love reading.

The illustrations are what pulled me into the story and I am not disappointed, they are absolutely gorgeous and I really enjoyed looking at the illustrations when I was done with the bit of text. The colours are soft but also colourful. And they change with the mood. The stealing or sadder parts are darker, while the other parts are more filled with light.

All in all, this is one picture book I would highly recommend!


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