Review for Kimi ni Todoke Vol.20

Review for Kimi ni Todoke Vol.20

21412015A new volume and more tears from me.

Yes, Kimi ni Todoke is one of those very few series that keep making me teary-eyed, that make me feel so many emotions. It didn’t always start with that, but after Sawako and Shota got together I keep tearing up at every volume.

In this volume we have some life-altering situations going on. Shota is opening more to Sawako and he is telling her about his family situation and how his dad never approves of anything he does. And in return we have Sawaka opening up and telling her decision about her life to Shota. We also have the whole: “Which college will I go to? Will I got to college? Or will I just work?” Sawako, her friends slowly find their way in life and it is done amazingly realistic. It isn’t just a: “Let’s do this!”-situation, instead it is thought out, and there are consultations with teachers and parents and so much more.

I loved the characters and I love them more and more with each chapter. We see romances bloom up, people slowly getting together, school and life slowly but surely moving to a certain point. And like with a few previous volumes the focus isn’t only on Sawako. It is also on her 2 friends, their love lives and also their lives and how they want to continue. I really love that this is done. Especially since I just love Sawako’s friends and they deserve all the spotlights that they can get.

And Sawako, she is still awkward and at times I was just shaking my head, but she doesn’t annoy me as much as she did in the beginning. Probably because I can relate, and I can also see how she has changed. She is so much more open and less social awkward than in the beginning. I loved that she was jealous when other girls gave chocolate to her boyfriend. It made me laugh, it is a clear sign that she cares about Shota and wants him for herself.

The end of the manga had me tearing up. So happy for Sawako, and then that kiss. They really need to kiss more, though that might ruin the rare moments they do, it is now so special when they kiss, and while I want more, I am worried they might not feel special to me any more when the kisses are increased.

Ah, last thing, the art, it just keeps getting prettier, though I don’t really like the close-ups of the eyes. They look weird, alien even. But other than that, the art is just gorgeous and is also a big reason why I read this manga.

And now I guess I will have to wait several months again before another volume gets released. 🙁


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