Review for One Wish

Review for One Wish

18756972This book is a prequel(ish) for the series.

However, I feel like you can easily read this as a standalone. You can read this when you read the series, or if you just want to read this one as it is or if you want to start the series. All are possibilities.

The book is about Tanya, and dear Lord, in the beginning I didn’t like Tanya, her attitude is just horrendous. I can slightly understand why, considering the bad stuff the fairies do to her, but on the other hand I also see that she could have done things differently.
Later on in the book I started liking her more and she grew to be one very likeable character. Too bad that that took quite a bit of time.
But once you see her other qualities and her attitude becomes less and less, you see that she is a brave girl who cares about her friends and doesn’t care if she needs to do scary stuff. I also loved her friendship with Turpin or Turps.
We don’t see much of the relationship with Henry/Ratty since he gets abducted around 1/3 of the book and then we see him again near the end. Which is a shame, because they were really special friends, both having the sight and both of them in-between worlds.
She also learns how to handle fairies and I think that also helped with her attitude and her problems.

There was however one thing I didn’t particularly liked. There is a lot of build-up towards the whole Thingy problem with various things happening, but in the end we don’t find out what happened to him. Did he return to under the floorboards? Did she find out his name? Did he become less grumpy? I got so many questions and I couldn’t really find an answer.

This mostly lay in fault with the ending. I won’t spoil it, but I felt it was a bit abrupt. Sure, everything is said and done with Ratty and his father, but again, we still have the whole Thingy thing going on, her mom and her fairies and some other smaller stuff. I think the book could easily have been a bit longer to answer those things and then end it.

Ah, one thing that I didn’t like, and it was something I didn’t like from the first book, was the fairies. Sure, they don’t need to sparkle and be pink or be happy, but come on, it was just lame how evil they were. How despicable they were, how they punished the humans and some other things. I mean sorry, but there must be a few fairies that are not like this.

But all in all, I did enjoy the book and I would recommend it.


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