Review for Ore Monogatari Vol.1

Review for Ore Monogatari Vol.1

17700353I saw that this manga would be getting an anime sometime soon, and it looked really interested. So now I tried volume 1, and I loved it.

This is a totally different kind of Shoujo Manga. Normally in Shoujo manga the characters are mostly beautiful (or will become so). The guys, the girls fall in love with, are all gorgeous, sparkly and beautiful.
Now meet our main character, Takeo, 2 meters tall and a weight of 120 kilo, he is not your average and normal shoujo manga character. His best friend Sunagawa is a typical shoujo hero, getting all the girls (and ditching them, we find out the reason later in the volume) and all in all the magnet of all that is good. Like when Takeo rescues a kid, he won’t get all the attention and thanks, instead that is what Sunagawa gets. Not that Sunagawa wants it, but people don’t seem to listen.

Then add to that Yamato, a girl Takeo saves from a molester (urgh at trains in Japan, seems to happen so often). He is instantly smitten by her, but due to experiences in the past he seems to think that she is only with him for his best friend. And yes, this gives us many many awkward situations were he tries his best to get his best friend to get together with the girl. He is totally oblivious to any signs (her trying to be with him, her making cakes and sweets and food for him, her leaving stuff behind so she has an excuse to meet with him). You will have to read the manga to find out what happens and if he will get the girl, but let’s just say I was laughing and shaking my head at all the things Takeo was doing and how thick-headed he was for not getting it.

I really loved all the characters. Yamato, Sunagawa, Takeo and the sister of Sunagawa, they all have great traits and they are really interesting.

The art is really nice and it is quite typical shoujo manga style drawings. Takeo really stands out though with all those other people who do look like they are straight from a fancy clothes advertisement. 🙂

I will be sure to read this manga, and I can’t wait for the anime to start. I can’t wait to see this wonderful thing be animated. I am sure it will be hilarious and fun.

I probably won’t write a review for each volume, but I will see. Maybe I will do a big review again after a certain number of volumes.


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