Review for Ore Monogatari Vol.2

Review for Ore Monogatari Vol.2

21412040After book 1 I decided to look around and found out that Viz is bringing this lovely series out in English.

You can’t imagine my delight that I can buy these lovelies and hold them in my hands. So I have decided to buy these every time one comes out. Argh, the wait will be excruciating though. The next is coming in 2 months, just after my birthday!!

This was another wonderful book. Not only do we have more awkwardness, romance and some character stuff, we also got a story going on. Sunakawa is acting weird, and Takeo soon finds out why. I really liked the addition of this to the story, as it gives more depth to the characters, and also shows how good a friend Takeo is. How he gives up a lot to be with his best friend in times of need. And not only for his friend, he is also willing to help others when they are in need, no matter how mean or rude they were just minutes ago.

Takeo was, like always, an awesome character. I already loved him from the first page, but with each new page I love his character more and more. Yamato is really blessed to have such a wonderful (albeit awkward) boyfriend.
I loved how his looks are changing (I already noticed it, but then I read the interview in the back of the book). From square to more round.

Yamato, ah she is so wonderful. She is a great girl and so in love. Defending her boyfriend, telling her friends how great he is. And she is considerate. She doesn’t mind her boyfriend to be away (sure she misses him a lot), she supports and cheers for him from the sidelines. Making sure he has enough food. And during the birthday party and what happened there. I was amazed that, sure she minded, but she didn’t go into tears or cried. Instead she motivated him to go do what he needed to do.

I was a bit surprised with the cover, considering that both Sunakawa and Yamato have more blondish/brownish hair and not black, so I was wondering if the artists changed something, but it seems to be only the cover that is a bit off. Probably has to do with the clothes and the old-fashioned stuff.

I loved that VIZ added recipes and interviews to the manga, it made it even better and more fun.

All in all, this manga keeps getting better and better. Not only in romance, but also in comedy and also in drama and backstory. I would really recommend this one to everyone. And I will be waiting for the next volume to pop up.


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