Review for Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life

Review for Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life

29800Wow Scott is a real dick. Having a girlfriend and then going for another girl? Seriously? I hate that kind of attitude in books/manga/graphic novels so this is -2 stars for that. -1 star for the slightly boring story.

I have been meaning to read this book/comic for some time, lots of people seem to like it and I loved Bryan Lee O’Malley’s previous book named: Seconds. However this was just a disappointment.

We have a main character named Scott Pilgrim and he is pretty useless. Lives with a friend, sleeps in the same “bed”, most of the stuff in said house is from the friend, and I haven’t seen him do anything that might hint to work/college/or something else. It seems he sleeps, drinks, sleeps, goes out on dates with his girlfriend, sleeps, band, band and band. He seemed healthy enough to be able to work or go to college, so I am kind of wondering why he is like this.
Then we have his whole attitude of I-am-cool/awesome-and-the-rest-of-you-suck-or-aren’t-that-awesome. Or his whole attitude regarding girls. He is dating a girl, a high-school girl at that (wth?, isn’t this kind of illegal?) and while he is dating her, he is also falling for another girl named Ramona. Who apparently pops up for no reason in his dreams. He asks her to date and he even makes out/has sex with her while STILL in a relationship with his high-school girl. Dude, NO, just NO. You can’t have both and you need to stop being such a dick. That High-school girl (btw, who the hell names their kid Knives) deserves better. A boyfriend worthy of her, not a dick who thinks he is so awesome and in the mean time fucks other girls.
Seriously I don’t get why people like this kind of behaviour in books or any other media. I hate cheating, I hate dishonesty in a relationship. And like I said in the first part, I am deducting lots of points because of that.

If that wasn’t bad enough we suddenly get battle scenes in the second part???? Hold on, how did we go from: -Useless guy dates 2 girls, meanwhile has no life- to full battle mode and magics and all that? Seriously? These guys are Ramona’s exes? What about the word EX do they not understand? EX-boyfriend means you aren’t her boyfriend any more, and that you have no more say on with whom she goes out with. So why the battles? It is silly and it murdered the parts I liked about the book. I was so ready to drop the book when it turned out the whole second part was about him defeating Ramona’s precious exes.
Also did he ever break up with Knives? I can’t remember in my fury towards the crappy second part.

The art was only decent. Nothing really special.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this book.


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