Review for Stone Cove Island

Review for Stone Cove Island

20819730Even though I am a bit disappointed, I am glad I read this book.

I will put up a good/bad review, since I feel like doing one of those again. 🙂

-The setting. An island, a storm and no way to access the main land easily. Add to that some 20-something murder mystery and voilà, this is one of my favourite settings (next to Boarding School + Mystery).
-The storm and the details. We knew the book would be about the storm, but I didn’t expect it would take this much of the book. Don’t get me wrong, this is good. I liked the details of how it affected the town, the despair by people, the fighting spirit people showed when being pushed in said situation.
-The characters, though I also didn’t always like them. I will tell more in the Bad part of the review.
I did like our main girl for how she fought on, not being stopped by anything that came into her path. She just forged ahead, wanted to find out about the mystery even when she found out stuff that compromised her family and her view of the town/island she lived on.
-The mystery, well at least for the most of the book.
-The cover!

-The romance. It just didn’t fit and I felt it was forced. For some magical coincidence our main girl’s so-so crush was on the island during the storm (yeah, he had some lame reason to be here, but I don’t buy it), and magically they got together. I didn’t feel any spark or connection between them. For the main girl I could slightly see a bit of a romance spark, but for Charlie? None, not at all. And with the exception of a few kisses they felt more like friends with benefits or a brother/sister relationship gone wrong.
Please authors, don’t add romance when it is not needed.
-The mystery, the whole conclusion and all that happened in the later parts just destroyed the mystery to me. I won’t spoil anything, so I will keep it to that, and just add that I am really disappointed.
-The main character’s attitude towards her mom. I know, I know, she is a teenager and her mom is quite… well weird, but seriously, I disliked her for how she thought about her mom.

But all in all it is still a good novel and I am really happy that I decided to continue and read this one completely. I am not sure if I would recommend it. Yes, even with a 4 star this one is a tricky one to recommend. Since I don’t want to have people to be disappointed with the mystery as I did.


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