Review for The Fame Game

Review for The Fame Game

11030066I am normally not one to like Reality Tv Shows, mostly I find them idiotic and silly, but for some reason I love them when they are a setting in a book. 🙂

We got 4 girls, but only 3 POVs (which I found too bad, because I would have loved our fourth girl to also get a chance to shine). All girls have something special. We got 2 girls who want to be actresses and one who wants to be a singer. I am not sure what Gaby wanted, but it seems to involve stuff like interviewing celebrities and talking to people.

My favourite characters would have to be Kate and Carmen. Especially Kate. Kate was really the girl-next-door, the girl trying to make it, the girl still pure and innocent. While Carmen was already deep into the world of Hollywood and the workings of it. I really liked their friendship, though I was sad when a certain event happened that caused cracks to form. Out of all the people I didn’t expect Carmen to be like that. I would expect such behaviour from Madison or Gaby.

Madison was the most annoying character, and at times I really liked her, but at other times I got sick of her attitude, her I-am-amazing-and-everyone-else-sucks-tude. I got quite tired of her whining and complaining. Her family situation just seemed weird and it didn’t fit. Maybe because I haven’t read the first series and I only see Madison in this one, but it all just seems so plastic, so fake.
And I was glad I was right about Madison’s dad. Too bad Madison didn’t notice until it was (again) too late.

The show itself and the whole reality thing around it was interesting and fun. I really hope the girls will make it and won’t fall for all the fake and treacherous things that surround them.

We also got various side-characters. Some of them awesome, and some (like Kate’s boyfriend) annoying and horrendous. But they make the book even better, they add that dramatic element that makes it more like a reality tv show.

I will be sure to read the rest of this series, and I will also be getting the first series too. Because I want to know what happened there.


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