Review for The Queen Of Zombie Hearts

Review for The Queen Of Zombie Hearts

9780373211319.inddDue to the book being a rollercoaster and lots of things could be spoilers, I will keep this one short.

Ah, I loved this one, I am also sad that this series is now over, but also very happy with the ending.

Our main character Ali, she is even better in this book, you can see she grew and got stronger and better at things. I am also glad she wasn’t constantly whining and crying for Cole. Sure, there were enough parts that had it, but it wasn’t as much as the previous book.
Again, spoilers and all, but Ali will face new challenges and find a lot of stuff out about her family. Let’s say, I had my suspicions, and I am happy to see that they came true. 🙂

Cole is still a great guy, but I hated his attitude again. Let’s just say, I can imagine why he was acting like this, but I also hated him for it. You can’t make your girlfriend pick between things like this.

Cole and Ali’s relationship also goes up a notch and I really loved it.

Of course we have a big battle/war against the baddies and a lot of things happen. Let’s just say I was sad to see certain events happening, but I was also kind of happy that the author didn’t avoid these things. Some authors just can’t kill or wound their characters, and I think it would have been weird if everyone would have been fine. So yay!

The ending of the book is wonderful and I loved the extras we got at the end of the book. Deleted scenes, some notes from characters and more. I really loved it!

All in all this is one series I would recommend to everyone. Zombies that are different, romance, love, death, twists and turns and more!


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