Review for The Scar Boys

Review for The Scar Boys

16068954I loved this book,

I loved how it all started with the essay and how he couldn’t do it in the recommended word count so he decided to just write the whole story. 🙂

Our main character, ah, I felt sorry for him, but I also found him very brave. Thanks to a couple of idiotic kids (who I still think should be punished) he got burned, partially zapped by lightning and got parts of trees on him. He couldn’t run, he couldn’t hide, they tied him to a tree. Who in hells name would do that? Those kids are just sick to leave a kid hanging when there is a storm coming.
Thanks to all this he has scars all over and he wears a wig. Most kids either bully or avoid him due to his appearance. Luckily he finds someone who doesn’t care about the scars and all that, well, at least at first. I knew from the get-go that this friend wouldn’t be a good friend, even though he seemed like it.
More on that in the later part, now first about the main character. I really found it admirable what he did. Sure, he hid his scars, he wore hats and all that, but I could see him changing, only held back by his so-called friend.
I loved how he tried, how he tried to live, tried to continue with his life. And sure, not everything went right, but there were always people who would catch him and help him out.

Then we got various side-characters. I didn’t like our main character’s best friend. I know that type, and I don’t like that type. I didn’t like how his will was law and the rest of the band just had to comply or else. Same goes for various other stuff. He was the boss, and if you didn’t do what he wanted he would get angry or he would try to turn you back to his things.
From all the side-characters I think I liked the girl the most. She is pretty kick-ass, though I was sorry that she fell for that character. She could have gone for someone better.

I loved the whole band/music setting. It is a setting I really enjoy and I like to read about. The struggle to start a band, the struggle to get better, and then maybe the breakthrough of getting to the top. I love it.

There are also various hilarious parts, word jokes and more. I really loved those and so did my boyfriend (I read them aloud to him).

This isn’t only a story about bullying, or a story about living with scars, it is also a story about finding people, about music and about friendship. And I would recommend this one to all.
I heard this one will also get a sequel, this time based on another character. I am still a bit conflicted if I would want to read it, considering I see this book as a standalone.


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