Review for This Moose Belongs to Me

Review for This Moose Belongs to Me

19649075Another wonderful Christmas present I got from my boyfriend. <3

I have wanted to have this book for quite a bit of time when I first found out about it through, I believe, twitter! And now for Christmas, my dear boyfriend gave it to me as present!

Of course I couldn’t resist reading it pretty much the following day and wow, it was lovely and I just kept paging back to the previous pages to look at the gorgeous illustrations.

Our main character Wilfred was a silly, and I also found him spoiled, character. So a moose one day comes to you and you instantly know he is meant to be yours. It is an over the top plot and also something that children might be thinking. I found this or this and that came to me, now it is mine. However, it was fun to see how Wilfred tried his best to keep the moose, by the way he named his moose Marcel (insert laughs and snorts), with him at all times. This meant putting a little note on his antlers or to stay close to him. Wilfred also gets lost easily so often you see him holding lots of string. 🙂
Add to this whole equation a lot of rules that Marcel must follow to be a good pet. I loved those little rules and they made me laugh quite a bit.

I also loved the part where another person claimed the moose to be theirs. I felt a bit sorry for Wilfred though, he truly thought Marcel was his, and now he finds out that maybe more people have met and are close to Marcel (or whatever his name is, since that various per person).

The illustrations was one of the big points why I wanted to read this book and I am not disappointed, wow, just wow. The art is absolutely fabulous and the backgrounds are just gorgeous and will make you want to be there. Have a fun day with Marcel and Wilfred. Get lost with them and find your way back home.

I would really recommend this book. Young and old, they will love the adventures, the rules and the surprises of having a moose as your pet.


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