Review for Tillie & Clementine Noises in the Night

Review for Tillie & Clementine Noises in the Night

22829507Received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This was a fun book, and I enjoyed it.

Tillie and Clementine are two very adorable little girls, and I loved how they are so imaginary (though it might also proof that Daddy has to watch what he is telling, since they believe him so fast and even think there is a real dragon outside). I am still wondering how they are sisters, since they are so different. When I first saw this book I thought they were best friends who have a nice sleepover, and with that an adventure, but it turns out they are sisters.

Not that that makes the book any less good, not at all, I really enjoyed the story. Poor Dad though, I do wonder why he didn’t just ring the doorbell, I am sure the girls can go down a staircase and open the door (especially if they can see it is Dad (since they have see-through doors)). Oh well, I guess this was added for good reasons. I do wonder though, did the girls not see it was their dad? Didn’t they hear him shouting? Imagination is one thing, but seeing a totally different reality?

Now for the art, it was a fun art style, a bit cartoonish. At times I was sad because of the lack of backgrounds. I mean, they are girls, right? So why is the wall in their bedroom white? The floor white? Same goes for quite a few things. I think it would have been more fun if the backgrounds were added.


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