Review for Tomboy

Review for Tomboy

20256612The book that started my Liz Prince addiction! And also the last of the Liz Prince books I needed to review!

Wow, this book was wonderful. Unlike all the other Liz Prince books I read this one is a full-size novel and also has one continuing story. That of her being a tomboy. And no people, not just the kind of girl who doesn’t like dresses. No we are talking about a girl who is more boy than girl. Who likes wearing boys clothes, who likes boy stuff, who (and I loved those parts) tried to pray to God to not get boobs or anything otherwise girly and there are some other things.

Some of the things that Liz did seemed familiar, however my tomboyness from my youth didn’t go this far. Sure, just like Liz, I was mistaken for a boy quite often in my youth, however I didn’t really like it. Sure I was wearing t-shirts and shorts and had short hair, but come on that doesn’t equal to being a boy.

And that is where I love Liz even more. She is also wondering why, when a girl is wearing boyish clothes/has short hair/has boyish hobbies, you are not a girl any more. Why a girl is only someone who likes girlish stuff and glitter stuff. I know that feeling and I was so delighted to see someone else saying the same things that I think.

At times I felt sorry for Liz, for just wanting to be one of the guys and not being able to be one due to well… still being a girl deep down inside.

I loved the book, it is truly unique to find such a book like this about this topic. I don’t think in all my years of reading I have found one like this. I would really recommend this to be read in schools (12+ though) or be used at education things. I am sure teens will love this, I am sure some will find several things that match with their situation.

The art in this book is wonderful, and I really loved how the story went from when she was small (throwing a tantrum over a dress) to her being an adult and happy when a certain thing is said. You can see her grow up, struggle through her childhood, finding out horrific things in teenage-hood (and also finding out you can’t escape love) and then growing up to be an adult. And even though Liz grows up, you can still clearly see younger Liz in there.

There were several parts that I adored or had me laughing. Like the tantrum part at the beginning, or the part where kids were given sexual education and how most of the girls there were traumatized for life. And of course many other parts, too many to name.

I would truly recommend this book to everyone. Be it because you like Liz Prince and her art, or because you have been feeling like a tomboy, or because of whatever other reason, everyone should read this one!


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