Review for We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a true story

Review for We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a true story

21822422I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Wow, this book was just perfect. There were many moments that I just laughed out loud, moments that I was shaking my head (but all in a good way)(especially during the very awkward moments).

Since I am not feeling all too well, I am doing a good/bad review.

-I loved the main character. I loved the fact he was unlike most of the characters we find in a YA book. He was unlike others because he had a disability, due to cancer in his youth he is now missing a leg. The book is about the girls he likes, but also about his disability. How he felt awkward, how he had rules, how he often just left his prosthetic leg alone (and in the end completely due to reasons). His voice in the book was one that is relatable, no, I never lost my leg. But I know about the awkwardness of relationships, and the eternal questions of should I have done something? Was it is something I did? Could I have done something different? What would have happened if I initiated a kiss, or a romantic gesture? I could also relate with his awkwardness at times.
Of course I was also cheering for him, cheering for him to just step up and try whatever he wanted to do. Be it a kiss, or a date or something else. I kept hoping (yes, even though I knew the results) that something would change and he would get a girlfriend.
-I loved the comedy aspect. I laughed out loud so many times while reading. Often sharing the best parts with my boyfriend. Things like the time he was golfing and he fell over and what came from that. Dear Lord, even reading it for the 3rd time made me laugh uncontrollably. I could share a whole lot of quotes, but I won’t do that because this is an ARC. 🙂 So I will share quotes and more when the book comes out officially. Because yes, I am buying this one as soon as it comes out!
-How the chapters were done. Each girl gets her own part. Beginning with a background (where we find out about said girl and what Josh did), then a hypothesis and ending with going back to present time and seeing what the girls actually thought. I really loved that. We find out about the girls, can draw our own conclusions and then find out what really happened and if our conclusions were right.
-The girls. I really liked most of them, some were just bitches, but most were just girls that were hoping that Josh would make the first step. 🙂
-The ending. Gosh, I really loved that. No spoilers, but believe me I think everyone will love it!
-The cover!
-The statistics. I really loved the little graphs or other things that he used to illustrate something. Like the reading comprehension and how it was higer at SATs than it was at understanding female emotions.

Bad things:
-Sorry, nothing. Just wishing that Josh had some more balls at times, but well that is all.

All in all, as you can see a book that I truly loved, a book that I would truly recommend to everyone I know.


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