Review for XXXHolic Rei Vol.2

Review for XXXHolic Rei Vol.2

21544227Not a super long review due to the amount of spoilers it might give. And I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

This was a wonderful volume again, too bad it takes ages for it to come out and I need to either re-read the previous volume or read my review for said volume.
The story picks up where we left the previous time, with Watanuki tending to Yuuko’s needs (and my oh my is she still needy). I loved their interaction (one of the best things from XXXholic is truly the relationship and interaction between Watanuki and Yuuko). Yuuko making a fuss, but also at times being her totally epic self.

However, not everything is as it seems. There are cracks forming in the world. Watanuki knows stuff, we get little hints and certain things are happening that seem to hint to certain things. It is all interesting, at times you read over it, but then read back (because you thought you saw something) and then find out, there was indeed something happening.

The only thing that is kind of weird is how Watanuki acts toward Himawari. Normally we are used to his overly enthusiasticness when she pops up, but in this volume he was quite silent and normal. A bit odd, but maybe has to do with the whole truth about Watanuki and why everything seems “normal”.

The art is (as expected) gorgeous again. I love the little details that are in every page.

However one thing, and I believe I also had the problem with the previous volume, is that sometimes quite a chunk of text is eaten by the book. You really have to bend the book (the horror!) to be able to read it at times. I really hate this. I would hope that publishers/printers would know that people need to be able to read text. Look at Vertical, really the first one who keeps attention to that by added a big margins, making the book wider, but also makes the text easier to read and you don’t have to bend the book (and break the spine).

All in all though I would really recommend this series. I can’t wait for the next volume to pop out, and in the mean time I guess I will be reading Drug and Drop Vol.1 which is coming out soon!


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