Review for Zita the Spacegirl

Review for Zita the Spacegirl

8879121Got this as a present from my boyfriend for Christmas. <3

I really and absolutely adored this book. The art wasn’t always perfect or good, but I still liked it enough that it didn’t bother me that much. I just wish that the author had taken more care of the times when there is a crowd in a panel.

I loved Zita, she is a wonderful girl. At first afraid (of course, her best friend just got taken away by a tentacle monster!!), but then strong and determined to get him back! I liked how she tried to see the good in every person, and also tried to help everyone in need, no matter if that person is good or bad. I really loved that about her, though at times it felt a bit too much. I mean, we are trying to get your friend back and all that, I am sure you need friends, but you don’t need to help each and every thing that pops along your path.
The last part was truly Zita-like. Doing that while you know that and that will happen? It takes courage, it takes bravery to say no to yourself and yes to your friend, to make sure at least he is happy and safe.

The story itself was wonderful, and the ending was, as expected, a cliffhanger. Again, I expected it since this book has 2 sequels. I was just wondering how they would do it, but I must say I loved the cliffhanger here and I can’t wait until the next book (hoping to get it for my birthday).

I loved the world and found it interesting to see that next to the whole: Zita needs to find her friend and her home back, we also had an extra plot which entwined with the reason why her friend was taken. I really liked how it was done, it all felt really natural. (as much as you can call a meteorite and a sacrifice needed natural of course)

Like I said in the first part, I liked the art, however in parts that there were a lot of characters they all just kind of smudged together, ending up looking like some kind of badly made clay monster.
But other than that little bit, the art was good and fitting the story. It was colourful, but yet not so colourful to make the story unfitting.

All in all, I would really recommend this book to everyone. I will let you all know what I thought of the rest of the books when I get a chance to read them.


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