Book Haul 8-1-2015

Book Haul 8-1-2015

Hello everyone,

First of all, sorry for the no new reviews the past few days. I am quite busy with some stuff, but don’t worry, I will have some fresh reviews tomorrow. 🙂

Now for this post, today I went to a warehouse sale of a book market that I normally visit 2 times a year, hope that makes sense. To explain: In short, this warehouse sale is for a travelling book market (they visit 3 countries and various cities and they stay around in a city for 3/4 days) and they have a place where they have stock of their stuff. Today I went to such a place. There wasn’t a whole lot, which was kind of a shame, but also I could have expected that. After all it is just stock/a few last things.
But I found 9 new books, and because it is a warehouse sale I got 20% extra discount on the books (on top of their already ridiculously low price). And after this I hit the city that was nearby and went shopping and received a book from my boyfriend (he saw I wanted it). 🙂 So today I have gotten 10 new books! Mostly books I haven’t read, so I got some fresh material.




Waarom drinken we zoveel koffie? by Jeroen Reumers (this one was the present from my boyfriend)
Superior Saturday by Garth Nix
Dreadfully Ever After by Steve Hockensmith
Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steve Hockensmith
Bound to You by Christopher Pike
Invasion of the Boy Snatchers by Lisi Harrison
New Moan by Stephfordy Mayo
Breaking Yawn by Stephfordy Mayo
ucks to be me by
Het Wonderkabinet by Brian Selznick

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