My Wonderful Year in Books in 2014: Part 2: Favourite Books!

My Wonderful Year in Books in 2014: Part 2: Favourite Books!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to part two of my My Wonderful Year in Books in 2014! This time we are at part 2. In this post I will post my favourites of this year. The order is totally random, because sorry I can never pick one book to be higher than the other. Making a list like this is tough as it is, with so many books that I loved last year.

Top 15 for English books.

1.20757521   2.9780374356453   3.22341147

4.20483075   5.21443180   6.18769913

7.20579291   8.9780062243157   9.16068954

10.20306804  11.9781442435001  12.9780802736109

13.9781250061775  14.9781494430573  15.21822422

Top 5 Dutch Books

1.23529156   2.9789026136689   3.9200000014654066   4.ec65b82a541b35b8665f96118fa08bfc

5.Omslag Marlies Slegers I love liv deel 4 DEF.indd

Top 5 Graphic Novels

1.13436373   2.9780545540605   3.18689586   4.20256612



As you can see a lot of fun books and all of these are recommended if you are ever searching for a good book!

This is the first time I made a favourite list, I expected it to be hard, but some books just had that kind of shimmer/glimmer of specialness that made them stand out from the others. I can’t wait to start with the new year, let’s hope 2015 will bring a lot of new favourites!

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