Review for Amanchu Vol.1

Review for Amanchu Vol.1

10920770I loved Aria, so when I heard about this manga I just had to check it out. And on the one hand I am happy I did, on the other though, I wish I hadn’t.

This is no fault of the story or the art. Story is typical Slice of Life, so it can be a bit boring for people, but I really enjoyed it. I could use some relaxation during all the commotion of my life. The art was, as expected, gorgeous. With beautiful 2 page spreads of wonderful backgrounds. The characters are the only thing that I didn’t entirely like about the art. Especially the green-haired girl. She changes from gorgeous girl to some kind of hybrid alien chibi character. Her transformation happens often and thus often annoys me and destroys the rest of the gorgeous art. I wish the mangaka would just pick one side or only switch occasionally.

The characters were the only thing I didn’t like. The black-haired girl was nice and I really liked her, but our green-haired girl was just plain annoying. They are freshman in High school, so I am guessing she is between 13 and 16 depending on some stuff. However she acts like she is 10 year old and has an IQ of 10. Well her IQ rises when she is sprouting about her precious diving hobby, but other than that, sorry I doubt her IQ. She acts super childish, annoying people with her whistle (seriously, I might not watch the anime, should one come out, because of this) and she drags people with her to God-knows-where, mostly without their consent.
Maybe she will get better, so I will try another volume of this, since I truly love the art and the story/slice of life stuff.

All in all, this one is difficult to recommend. On the one hand, yes. On the other, no, because of our green-haired girl.

As for the rating, I am rating this a 4 stars because the story and the art were still great and I liked the relaxing story (you don’t find those often).


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