Review for Amy & Matthew

Review for Amy & Matthew

20752817What a lovely book, however there were several things that I didn’t like, so I am giving this a 4 stars.

The biggest problem was Amy’s attitude towards people. Instead of being honest towards people she assumed things about them. Like Brooks. Instead of telling him that he hurts her sometimes, she says nothing. Assumes he has Aspergers and even calls him a cruel frenemy. Like what? Why?
Also, and this will go under spoiler tags, her pregnancy. Seriously, we are talking about an 18 year old girl, who is pretty smart, and knowing her mom and the fact she said so many times, she had a sex talk. YET, she had sex without protection…….. wtf is wrong with this girl. Seriously, did she think you would not get pregnant? Sure there is a chance, but there is a bigger chance you will get pregnant. I was just rolling my eyes at her stupidity. Add to that, that she had sex with a friend, just because she wanted to know how it felt. Sex with someone she didn’t love. Sex with someone, while she had someone she loved. Why didn’t she just wait? Why did she have to do that? These things really destroyed the Amy character for me. I already had a dislike/like attitude towards her, mostly because of her nosiness, and her inability to see that people might get uncomfortable or might get hurt.
I did like her at times, but this was mostly the first 50/60% of the book. After that I just disliked her and her attitude. The first part was interesting. Her struggle to go to school without an aide, instead she had peers that helped her out. And how that went (often not that well), but also that she made friends, that she cared about them, that she found out there is a whole world open to her now.

Then we have Matthew, a great guy, though I felt like he was doing too much for Amy. Especially in the later parts, he is just a friend but he does all that, even though she hurt him in so many ways. It was highly awkward. His OCD was a bit annoying. I knew that there would be a bit of things happening, and I was prepared for that, but I didn’t expect it to be like this, so overly present. At times Matthew just annoyed me. That he never went and got help for all those years. That he just let is simmer and that he got worse and worse with each year. I can imagine he is afraid, but sorry, I wish he just had gone to a doctor. I am sure I would have liked him more, now I just felt awkward reading about his struggles.

Sanjay was one of the worst characters. After all that he did with Amy, he didn’t want to have anything to do with it. It is so sad that I see this happen often. I already didn’t like his character, but his decision near the end just was so bad I started hating him. Leaving a girl like that, taking no responsibility and all that. *sighs* I feel sorry for any girl that will ever be his girlfriend.

The mom was the other character I truly disliked. I know that she probably tried to help her daughter out, but thanks to this Amy was super sheltered, had practically no life and wasn’t allowed anything. Her mom decides everything for her. From friends, peer helpers to school and dorms. Also foods and all. Some foods she wouldn’t let Amy eat, because a long time ago Amy had gotten 1 seizure over it. 1 seizure, and so many years ago. I hated the mom’s attitude towards Matthew. Just because he has/had OCD and just because he didn’t want to go to college just yet, she dismisses him and thinks he is a bad person for her daughter. Never mind that they do so well together and you can clearly see a spark between them. I think Amy needs to say no more to her mom, even if it might be hard. She is 18 now, she can make her own decisions. Her mom needs to let her go. Sure, your daughter might have problems, but she is fully capable of making her own decisions. And I think a lot of things that happened to Amy is due to her mom’s over-protectiveness. I am happy to see that her mom changed at the last part, however it still didn’t make me like her. Sorry, that just doesn’t happen.

The first part of the story is mostly about Amy and Matthew and how they go through High School. The second part is a lot of drama, drama and more drama, and I just felt bored and annoyed at times. I noticed I kept checking how many pages I had left. The ending was a bit of a disappointment. By this time I had giving up the hope for certain things to happen, and I also didn’t want them to happen now. For me that part was over and done.

I really liked that we have a book about what Amy has and that it was mixed with Matthew’s illness. I really liked to see how the characters develop, to see them grow. It was an interesting and at times a very cute story.

All in all, a mostly decent book. Well at least the High School part was mostly good, the rest was just overdone drama in which I had no interest. Still I would recommend the book to people.


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