Review for Ask Again Later

Review for Ask Again Later

16090645Wow Liz Czukas is really climbing the ladder of becoming one of my favourite artists! I loved/adored her previous book and this one gives me the same feelings.

The main character is wonderful, though I felt sorry for her. What kind of parent names her kid Heart LaCouer. I can imagine that she wants to change it whenever she can, I would do the same thing.
Heart is a wonderful friend and a person who takes care of people. However I wished she was a bit stronger against her brother (who was a total prick).

The book first starts of as one, but after the coin toss it splits up in Heads and Tails. Which is a very original concept. In one of them Heart is going out with her brother’s best (not so heartbroken) friend and in the other Heart is going out with a someone she knows from drama/French lessons. During the last parts these 2 parts get together and form one, or in somce chapters we will have them switching it constantly.
Now I can hear you think, doesn’t that get annoying/boring/confusing? No, not at all. Actually the whole thing just flows like one story. It is actually funny, because Heart will feel like she is having various deja-vu and make a remark over something that happened in Heads/Tails that she couldn’t possible have known, but she does. 🙂

Her friends are wonderful, and I loved the ending part where they helped Heart and a certain boy (who I knew had feelings for Heart) out. It was just brilliant and it made me squeal and cheer.

There are various hilarious situations, like getting a corsage in the colours of the school + a tiger dangling from it, dress problems, dance fails and awesome dances, embarrassing packages from family, various drama things happening that are so exaggerated that you just can’t stop laughing.

All in all, this is a book I would highly recommend to everyone looking for something with comedy or romance.


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