Review for Breathe

Review for Breathe

17559253The cover may make this seem like a NA book, or even an erotic book, but no worries, this is pure YA. At least in my definition of YA/NA. The main character is a High School Student/teenager, there is no sex.

Sadie is a wonderful, delightful character and I loved her to bits. Seriously, the things she does are amazing. Her mom is pregnant (Yes, due to stupidity (at least that is what I would call it when someone doesn’t use protection)) and Sadie takes care of most things (also taking care of her mom). So when her mom can’t work due to her pregnancy being too much, Sadie takes over her mom’s job. Which is not something a lot of teenagers would just do in the summer when they have free time. She just did it and thanks to her matureness (which is logical if one has to take care of so much) she got the job.
I loved how she was around Jax, while normal girls would squeal and run around him like crazy, she is totally unfazed and not impressed with him. This made me so happy. I was worried she might turn out to be a rabid fan after all, but no, no. She falls for Jax, because of how he is in normal life/real life. She knows she shouldn’t fall in love, after all relationships when one of the partners is famous tend to not work out. But she can’t stop her love. And it was just delightful to see her trying and Jax trying and in the end they just couldn’t stay away.
I loved Sadie for other reasons as well. For how she is around other people, how even though she has a job, she does so many other things. She is even loosening up and going to friends or parties. I really liked that, since she does deserve it so much.

Jax, ah Jax. I loved him. He was so sweet and nice. Totally not what I expected, I had expected a more stuck-up/spoiled star, but instead we have a guy who just wants things to be normal, who just wants to take some time away from all the fuss.
I loved how he was around Sadie. How he treated her like a queen, how fun they were together. How natural it all seemed. How he tried to warn her, tried to protect her from his famous lifestyle. He did at least try.
His jealous side was just adorable. And I could just imagine his face when he saw Marcus talking to Sadie.

The character I disliked most would be the mother. She is what? Around 40 years old? Maybe younger? Sorry, at times I was thinking that she was just 15 or 16. Given how she acted, how stupid she was with her decisions, how she let her kid do everything. I felt sad for the little baby. I may hope he has a better and more fun life than Sadie has. Though we saw how the mom acted around the baby. And sorry, maybe it is partially to blame to a disease/illness, but I am also fairly sure it is just another one of mom’s antics and not wanting to take responsibility. Some people shouldn’t have kids, that is what I will say to this part. I know it is harsh, but sorry, she is not a responsible adult. She lets her kid do everything, has to be reminded of bills, of using condoms when having sex and so much more.

I also didn’t really like Marcus. He was a great friend, but I didn’t like how he kept pushing Sadie and how he made her doubt things. I know why he did it, but he should see she will never see him like that.

The book isn’t only about Sadie and Jax’s relationship. Sure this is a big part, but it is also about Sadie and her needing to let go. Her mom needs to step up and become the adult again and not let her kid do everything. Then we also have friendship and of course Jax’s famous lifestyle. All in all, a book that has everything. Swoon-worthy romance and real life problems.

The ending was just sooooo cute, and made me smile a lot. I am happy to see it ended like this and not the way I was thinking.

I would truly recommend this book to everyone!


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