Review for Deep Space

Review for Deep Space

16134_DS_Jacket_US.inddI saw this one in my library (in Dutch though, but I will review the English book/will review the book in English) and just had to have it.

This book is gorgeous. There are hundreds of beautiful space photography and images of planets, stars, black holes and a lot more. You will be lost in some pictures because they are just that pretty.

Next to all those photographs and images we have a whole lot of information. About the stars and planets, but also things that have to do with the topic of Space. Things like how Telescopes were invented to how astronomy started. It is all highly informative and fun, because the author has a good sense of humour and is not afraid to add some humour to something serious like this.
We also have information about the people who discovered things, or who invented things that we now use to see the stars.

Most of the pages have a little information part, which lists the name(s), heights and some other fun little facts about the stars/planets/nebulas/etc.

At the end of the book we have star charts. Which makes the book even more fun, because now you can see where everything is exactly.

The book is really awesome and I would really recommend it to everyone interested in the subject of space. Or people who just like looking at pretty pictures of space.


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