Review for Ever After High: Next Top Villain

Review for Ever After High: Next Top Villain

22329940I can say that Suzanne Selfors did an excellent job at this one.

The other books are done by Shannon Hale, but with the exception of a few small details.. this read just like the Shannon Hale books.

The one difference is that Duchess is now a nice girl. And also friends with Lizzie. I didn’t really mind that, I was actually very happy to see her changed. She is way nicer this way and I really enjoyed reading about her adventures. Poor girl though that she got stuck in Villainy class and that no one listens to her.
I really liked how she tried to be nice and then decided to act with the Villainy class. Luckily, she still stays a nice girl, she just has her reasons to do what she had to do. I can imagine if you are offered something like that, you would grab it with both hands.
She was an interesting character, with a great background story and I feel sorry for her to have such a fate. I can imagine that people would stand against their fates, it is all fun and all if you have a good role, but if you are forced to become something that you don’t want (evil/swan/something else that is bad), that you would revolt and try to change things.

It was really fun seeing all the other characters again. They are all pretty much like the Shannon Hale characters. 🙂

I can’t wait for more in this series, I hope that we will get more characters like Duchess. I got quite a few characters that I would love to see as main character. Hopefully Suzanne Selfors will keep on writing this series. I will be following it and waiting (slightly) patiently for the next book. I would really recommend this to everyone who liked the Shannon Hale books and wants more!


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