Review for How (Not) to Fall in Love

Review for How (Not) to Fall in Love

22392967I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I can honestly say that I did enjoy this book, well at least the first part. Quite soon the story just becomes boring and I think it would have been a lot better had it been 100 pages less. Now it just dragged on and on, creating more new stuff and more problems while not solving much others. Also the relationship between Darcy and Lucas felt forced and strange to me. I will discuss that in this review.

Darcy was a kick-ass girl. I really loved her and how hard she worked, however, I wished that she had accepted help sooner. She is still a teenager, and she shouldn’t have to do everything just because her mom is worthless and a drunk. I don’t know what I have the last few weeks, I keep coming across books with horrendous parents. Dads often gone, or they just left and moms being useless/drunk/idiots. Still I loved Darcy and I was just hoping that everything would end well for her. She deserves that. She really changes for the better. At the beginning I was slightly worried she would turn out to be a spoiled little princess, and sure she was, but I can imagine why she acted like this. She is used to having a lot of things, her life is easy and calm, and all of the sudden all that is ripped away from her. Her car, her house, her family, she loses everything in a way.
There was just one thing I didn’t like. Her constant OMG Lucas stuff, it got boring and old to see her stutter, blush and act super awkward with Lucas. I also didn’t really see any sparks between the two characters, so I was kind of hoping maybe someone else would come along, though after a while I found out that this would never happen. Lucas was the destined one, no matter how bad he was.

And yes, I really disliked Lucas. He was flirting and playing with Darcy, WHILE he had a girlfriend. I really hate guys who do this. You have a girlfriend, don’t flirt or almost kiss with other girls. That might also be why I was hoping that Darcy would find another guy, since I thought Lucas was a bad choice. And even after all that happened in the book, I still think the same thing. He was also way to overprotective, it was just a bit too much. I don’t mind guys protecting girls, but if a girl doesn’t want you to protect her, back off and leave it. Don’t push it.

I also found it amazing that Heather just disappeared from the book after certain events happened. Like she was just some kind of cardboard thing and got burned/dumped as soon as her role was over.

My favourite characters (next to Darcy) would be Pickles and Charlie. I loved them both. Pickles because she cheered Darcy up and brought some light and happiness and she was just a fun and spunky little kid. Charlie, because even though he hadn’t seen Darcy and he wasn’t allowed to see her, he opened his arms to her when she needed family, when she needed someone. I really loved him and how he took care of her.

I also didn’t like the romance. I felt like it didn’t fit. It distracted from the problems that were present.

I got quite tired of all the inspirational stuff that kept popping up. I didn’t mind it once or twice, but practically the whole book felt like some inspirational help book. Not the kind of book I like, so yeah, a definitive -1 star for this.

The roadtrip near the end? Totally unnecessary in my eyes. Maybe it would have been better had it been at the beginning, or at the part where she discovered things, but now, it felt like a last minute thing. Oh yes, we solved the housing problem, the money problem, the mom problem. Wait, what are we missing? Oh YES, the dad. Let’s do that in the last few pages. *rolls eyes*
Oh and that dad was just horrendous. Bleh. Another book about bad parenting.

Some stuff I did like: The cover and the title (both are perfect).

All in all, I don’t know if I would recommend the book. It certainly has good parts, but also a bunch of bad parts, and I am also getting tired of books with bad parents.


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