Review for Jampires

Review for Jampires

23603933I was looking forward to this book for some time, and yay! My boyfriend gave it to me on Christmas!

How I loved this book! It was adorable, sweet, cute and a big recommendation to everyone. Young and old will love this little book.
The song/rhyme at the beginning? I was just singing and in the end humming in while reading this book.

Vampires, who doesn’t know them? However, who knows Jampires or vampire-like creatures that don’t drink blood, instead they live on jam and sweetness. So the next time you see bite marks in your jam-filled doughnut and your doughnut looks dry, be sure to look around, who knows maybe you will spot a Jampire! Don’t worry, they won’t harm you, well, unless you are hoarding the jam and the yummy treats. I loved the concept of a Jampire. And the fact that you have young and old Jampires that can grow up. I would like more books on them and if they always craved for sweets and jam.

Our main character is a little boy who is determined to find out who sucked his doughnuts dry. It was brilliant to see that he tried to lure them with a doughnut filled with ketchup. I also liked that when he captured the little creatures, instead of calling for his parents (as most kids would undoubtedly do) he listens to the Jampires and ventures of to the wonderful world of these creatures (loved the look on the face of his cat). I think that kid will grow up to be a good guy and I hope he will still remember and believe in Jampires then.

The illustrations are colourful, fun and great. As I was expecting from the illustrator who did more fantastic work. I really love her style of drawing. 🙂 Like I said the art is colourful, really fitting with the book and the topic. I also loved the various references to other books or media.

All in all, it makes me very happy that this is my first read of the year (it really deserved that, and my 2015 started wonderfully). I would highly recommend this book if you are looking for a fun, magical book.

Oh and a warning: Don’t read this book if you are hungry, you will be craving for something if you read this book. For instance, doughnuts with jam!


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