Review for Love Reborn

Review for Love Reborn

21927772First of all, I finally decided to just buy the hard cover.

I have been waiting a long time on the paperback, and then on the release date. POOF, the paperback that I wanted disappeared and the only other paperback was an ugly one that didn’t match with the rest of my series. Thus, I bought the hard cover. At least that one has a matching cover. 🙂 Really hate when this happens though. Me, waiting for a long time, and then when it is here and I am all excited it either gets delayed, the paperback disappears, or it turns out the paperback suddenly has a different cover than when I bought it.

Now for the book!

This is the last book in this series. Throughout the book I was slightly worried if the author could finish it. There was still so much to be said, so much to be done. And the worry grew until the last part, when I saw that all would be good and that this one would have a good ending (more on that ending later in the review).

The story is packed full with exciting turns, twists and events happening. We find out several things about Renée, but also other characters get the spotlight. Lovely characters like: Anya, Dante, Eleanor and Noah! But also characters that, for most of the book, I didn’t like. Like Theo.

God, I disliked Theo. In general I don’t really like characters who steal from people. I think it is sneaky and a bad quality to have. I also didn’t like how big of an ego he had. Seriously, it just got annoying with him acting all superior. Towards the end, when we find out some stuff, I started liking him a bit more, but sorry, never more than just a little sliver of like.

The other character I didn’t like was Renée’s grandfather. Dear Lord, I already disliked him in the other books, but in this one he is not really helping his cause. He is a dick. I am sure he all means it well for his granddaughter, but let’s just face the facts, she is never going to leave Dante.

And then we have a whole slew of fun and wonderful characters. Like seeing Anya again. \o/ Anya and her wonderful Tarot readings, it was really interesting to see her do Tarot and see how often she was just right about things. It helped the party out really much. The ending, when we find out certain things, broke me. I am still sniffling a bit when I think about it. No spoilers though, so read it for yourself, be prepared to have tissues ready.
Noah and Eleanor also make a big appearance. I won’t spoil anything, just that I was delighted to see the characters make a comeback. Especially after what happened in the last book. Yay, for characters coming back!

Then we still have Dante and Renée left. Renée was, as expected, awesome again. I loved her and how she kept going even though she lost so much that reminded/remembered her of Dante. It was heartbreaking to see her push through, to see her find out that she couldn’t remember Dante’s voice, or his touch. 🙁 🙁
But like I said, she keeps going on. She has a goal in mind, and is determined to get it. To get Dante to live.
I would say more about Renée, but I think I might spoil things then, I am already bordering on that spoil border.

Dante, ah Dante. swoon I always loved Dante, however in this book Dante is a bit scary/creepy. You can clearly see that he is reaching the end of his life. When he gets angry, or when you find out he can’t really hear or see much. It just broke my heart and I was cheering so hard that he would survive! He and Renée are really a cute couple, and while I wished for more romance, I can also imagine that there wasn’t that much of it. After all, when kisses can kill you… that really kills the mood.

The story itself and the setting (from the US to Europe) was delightful and I really enjoyed it. And a lot of plus points to the writer for getting my country’s name right. Finally someone who calls it the Netherlands, and not Holland as so many do. I also loved that a bit of the book was about my country. That really cheers me up.

Then we come to the last part I want to mention. The ending. Or should I say, OMG WOW EPIC ENDING. <3 <3 Sorry, it isn’t often that I come across an ending that makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. The ending is just perfection. It was sweet, lovely and so much more!

All in all, this was a perfect last book in a series. It made me cry, it made me smile, it made me angry and much more. I would really recommend this book and also this series. Read it!


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