Review for My Little Monster Vol.6

Review for My Little Monster Vol.6

22180962This was once again a very cute and wonderful volume. This time we find out more about Shizuku’s family. I really appreciated that, since we already got a lot of back-story on all the other characters.

Sadly, I thus find out I am in some kind of bad-parenting-books-spree. This is again a book that features bad parenting. And again, the mother. This time it is Shizuku’s mom who is so busy that she doesn’t come to her daughters very important birthday. Sure, she talks with Shizuku later (when Shizuku herself CALLS), but I don’t think that counts. You make time for your kid, you make sure you are there for those special moments that you can’t have again. And it broke my heart to find out that Shizuku’s mom gone so often. That Shizuku had to find out things like periods out from books and health classes, that she had to pick a lesser school, because someone had to make lunch for her little brother. What.the.hell is wrong with parents. You get kids, you better take care of them, you don’t just leave them alone with one other parent, or even worse, no parents at all. Sure Shizuku’s dad does his best, but yeah, a girl needs her mother sometimes, especially during puberty when not everything works correctly. It just broke my heart, seeing Shizuku being so excited for her birthday, the opportunity to finally see her mom again, only to be broken to pieces again. Poor girl, luckily she has Haru, Haru who really seems to care about Shizuku, even giving her a super sweet and fitting present. <3

Oh I really have to say that I love Haru. You can just see him changing. He starting to make more and more friends and starting to become more natural when being around them. Not scaring them that much, but instead forming friendships. I loved the parts with that mouse, that was sooo adorable.

The other parts of the book is about Valentines Day (and also about a certain rival), and about Natsume and Sasahara. About Natsume who is in love with someone who is way to old. And that isn’t the only thing, she is also being a mean girl towards the friends of Sasahara. All in all, drama is really there. But also enough humour, love, romance and school stuff. It was a really great book and I really enjoyed it, though I am sad to know we are now half way through the series. Only 6 more to go (and if the special volume gets out, 7). I do hope we get a good ending, I would be heartbroken if things would rush and things just get jumbled together.

The art is still something that I adore, it is really pretty and also unique.


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