Review for Never Never

Review for Never Never

23383567 I am sad and disappointed at this moment.

I was very excited for this one. Colleen Hoover generally writes stories that I love, with characters I either love or hate, but at least I feel for them. Sadly this was not meant to be. Maybe because instead of a solo story, it was a combined effort story. It was boring and bland, confusing and I couldn’t feel a thing for our characters. Absolutely nothing. After several revelations I was just hoping this would be over soon because I started to hate the characters.

We have 2 characters and their POV switches with each chapter. At first I thought Charlie was a he and Silas a she, but it turned out the other way. The both forget about their pasts and their lives, not even their names are known to them. And thus starts their journey to find out what the hell happened.
At first I felt sorry for the two characters, even though I couldn’t really connect to them. For some reason I felt like I was watching them from far far away, instead of standing next to them. I felt sorry for them for the reason that I can imagine that is must be horrific to suddenly *POOF* lose your memories, not knowing anything about your past.
However as the story progresses, any sympathy I had for the characters is quickly dealt with and swiftly destroyed. Both of the characters have faults, have done things that no one should do to someone. I didn’t like their interaction and I also can’t for life understand why these two are together. Maybe the Silas and Charlie from before had a spark, but sorry, I couldn’t see it in these 2. Not during any of the events.

The story itself is pretty annoying and also highly confusing. Especially since the characters often refer to themselves as not Charlie or Silas. They would say things like: She looks like Charlie, or she is the spitting image of Charlie or that someone is a younger version of Silas. I had to read back and then find out what it meant. Which also meant I got kicked out of the story, the small bond I had with it broken. And this happened frequently. I can imagine that they don’t feel like Charlie or Silas, and I can imagine why they would say things like this, but it felt weird, annoying and confusing.

There are lots of revelations, and sorry all they do is add to the confusion, add to the whole wtf is happening in this clusterf of a story. And like I said, they made me hate the characters.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone. There is no solution, no answer as to what happened, why it happened. We have a cliffhanger with several more revelations, but we never find out why Charlie and Silas lost their memories. I guess we will find out in the next book, so I would recommend people to wait until that book comes out. Let’s hope that book brings the solution to whatever the hell is going on. I might read, I might also not read the sequel. Since sorry, going through 100+ pages sounds like an easy thing, but it wasn’t an easy thing. It was quite a chore and I kept hoping something would be revealed, something that would tell us what happened.


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